Welcome to the Department of Mathematics


As the Head of the Department , I have the unique opportunity to work with a remarkable collection of colleagues who, united by their passion for mathematical research, join together to create an environment where enthusiasm and creativity can flourish.
Mathematics occupies a core intellectual position at Moratuwa University, an institution that is well known for its leadership in Engineering. All Engineering undergraduates take our classes, and we enjoy a special responsibility to teach these extraordinary students to appreciate the subject the way we do.
The Department of Mathematics at University of Moratuwa engages in outstanding research in Mathematics, and in teaching a wide range of students, at both undergraduate and graduate levels. In addition, the department also engages in interdisciplinary and outreach activities, both inside  and outside the University.
The Department teaches courses suitable to all students in the university, ranging from introductory course through advanced undergraduate courses and finally to graduate courses. Excellent instruction is provided to students at all levels, with student enrollments on the order of 700 per academic year. Also department guides the undergraduates to seek the possibilities in applying the mathematical techniques in industries in Sri Lanka. Our services and activities are facilitating the exploitation of state-of-the-art all the technologies to enhance the quality education and the development of a wide spectrum. In addition to the more conventional masters programs in Mathematics, the Department has started a masters program in Financial Mathematics and Operational Research. The Department has been involved in outreach activities in Mathematics Education for many years. There are many activities done by the department other than the normal routine of lectures and research such as Mathematical Association, Musical society.
Head of the Department.