MA0010 Course schedule: 2010

This Course is conducted for the second time as a compulsory module for the Preacademic term. Those who are interested in learning  (from level 2 and above) more about the History and Philosphy of Mathematics are most welcome to join this lectures every friday. contact the department for the time slots.



Finalized Mathematics Lectures for 7 weeks
Pre Academic Semester -  MA0010/2010
Historical perspective of Mathematics
Mrs. H V S De Silva
Beauty of Geometry
Mrs. Shereen Ahamed
Great Men of Mathematics
Mr. R A Dissanayake
Mathematics for Engineers
Mr. K.R.Rajamohan
Unsolved Problem in Mathematics
Mr. U A Senevirathne
Statistical Thinking
Dr. T S G Peiris
Mathematics for life
Dr. M Z M Malhardeen

Dr. TSG Peiris


Couse Coordinator.