Congratulations Mr. Udaya Jayatilake

Head Mathematics and the staff would like to congratulate Mr.Udaya Jayatilake, a probationary lecturer in the Department of Mathematics doing his PhD in Mathematics at Texas Tech University who made the best progress in the Brannan’s Conjecture since it was introduced in 1973. The conjecture is on the coefficients of the power series of certain functions on the complex plane associated with conformal mapping. It is an inequality of these coefficients with odd index and had only been proven for the odd indices 3(in 1973), 5(in 1989) and 7(in 1997). Udaya conjectured two of his own conjectures on the Brannan’s conjecture and was able to prove them for all odd numbers up to 51, and this number was only limited by computational difficulties. His paper has been accepted for publication in the Complex Variables and Elliptic Equations journal.